Coors Light mountains

As cold as the rockies

Rockies: -5°C

Everybody needs a moment of chill

Rockies: °C
Coors Light mountains
coors light can



Mountain cold
COLD - Lagered, Filtered, Packaged

We started cold and then got colder

24 Pack


Aluminum bottle

Glass bottle

  • Filtered

    Cold filtered

    For a bright appearance
  • Lagered

    Cold Lagered

    Below freezing for a lighter, crisper taste
  • Packaged

    Cold Packaged

    For peak refreshment

When the mountains turn blue, it's as cold as the Rockies.

Our Beer

Chill Train Chill Train

All aboard
the Chill Train

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Guy resting on the wall with a gray Coors Light hoodie





Made to chill




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