Coors Light mountains

As cold as the rockies

Rockies: -5°C

Everybody needs a moment of chill

Rockies: 59 °F
Coors Light mountains
coors light can



Mountain cold
COLD - Lagered, Filtered, Packaged

We started cold and then got colder

24 Pack


Aluminum bottle

Glass bottle

  • Filtered

    Cold filtered

    For a bright appearance
  • Lagered

    Cold Lagered

    Below freezing for a lighter, crisper taste
  • Packaged

    Cold Packaged

    For peak refreshment

When the mountains turn blue, it's as cold as the Rockies.

Our Beer

Made to chill


The official beer of pre-game naps


The official beer of being done wearing a bra



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It’s called appreciating the beauty of life. 
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Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a Coors Seltzer

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Coors Seltzer is refreshing the grueling activity of doing taxes by helping you “write-off”* your purchase of Coors Seltzer between now and Tax Day with a rebate*. Link in bio.

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Had to invite all three to the party just to make sure it was chill enough.

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With the first pick in the 2021 USDA Certified Organic Beer Draft. Made from Organic Hops, Organic Barley, and Water, with No Sugar, and only 92 Calories… Coors selects Coors Pure!

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Don’t mind if we do.

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