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Mountain Cold. Made to Chill.

Made to Chill


Aluminum bottle

Glass bottle

As cold as the rockies

Rockies: -5°C

Everybody needs a moment of chill

Rockies: °C


Per 12 oz. serving
  1. ABV 4.2%
  2. Calories 102
  3. Carbs 5g
  4. Fat 0g
  5. Protein <1g

Our ingredients


We use pure water from ancient aquifers, deep lakes and Rocky Mountain springs to make a more refreshing beer. As a vital ingredient, we’re committed to leading water stewardship which is why we’ve partnered with our farmers to reduce water usage by as much as 25% while growing our high country Moravian barley.

Barley MaltBarley Malt

A two-row lager malt made from 100% American-grown high country Moravian barley. It’s what gives our beer a brilliant, golden color.

Hop extractHop Extract

These are natural extracts from whole hops. We use a unique blend of different hop varieties to get consistent flavor and balanced aroma.

Lager yeastLager Yeast

It’s what converts sugars into alcohol for a cleaner, crisper beer.


A sugar source converted into alcohol in the fermentation process. None of it ends up in the final product but it’s used to lighten the overall body and deliver a more refreshing beer.

Mountain cold
COLD - Lagered, Filtered, Packaged

We started cold and then got colder

24 Pack


Aluminum bottle

Glass bottle

  • Filtered

    Cold filtered

    For a bright appearance
  • Lagered

    Cold Lagered

    Below freezing for a lighter, crisper taste
  • Packaged

    Cold Packaged

    For peak freshness