We can expect far more days over 90 degrees Fahrenheit than a few decades ago1. Black roofs can get up to 170 degrees on a hot day affecting everyone who lives under them2.

Heatmap dramatization gif


Painting roofs with a special reflective white paint reduces the absorption of solar radiation while lowering the internal temperature of buildings. This Mule-Hide white roof coating can reflect 85% of sunlight3, lowering surface temperatures by up to 50 degrees4. It can also help reduce the need for AC and lower cooling costs as well5.


To draw attention to the cooling benefits of using these reflective paints, we've created the world's first out-of-home advertising campaign that no one can see but everyone can feel. Each roof was painted with a different message to raise awareness around the benefits of these reflective roofs. In this program, over 36,000 sq.ft. of roofs were painted – the equivalent of 90 average-sized billboards, helping cool down 96 apartments.

chillboards ad 1
chillboards ad 2
chillboard ad 3
chillboard ad 4
chillboard ad 5
chillboard ad 6
chillboard ad 7
chillboard ad 8
chillboard ad 9
chillboards ad 10


Typeface gif


Working with artist Andaluz, we developed a dynamic typeface that covers 95% of the surface area to maximize the cooling properties of these Chillboards. Below you’ll find our open-sourced templates and typeface for this program.


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